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The English Experience Travels Ltd is joining with Authentic Adventures to promote their superb activity holidays.
John Brough  Painting the Alpujarras landscape    Walkers in tuscany
Authentic Adventures was founded in 1997 by John Brough who still runs the company. John’s aim was to share ‘off the beaten track’ landscapes of southern Spain with those who enjoyed both walking and discovering other cultures.  40% of the clients on any tour will have traveled with them before, which says much for their approach. The company has now added painting, photography and singing to its walking repertoire. In addition, the walking tours have moved beyond southern Spain to include Catalunya (the region around Barcelona), as well as the painting, photography and singing holiday itineraries in Italy, Greece, Morocco and England.

RESPONSIBLE TRAVEL: Andalucian Adventures has always tried to minimize the environmental impact of their holidays, while maximizing the positive benefits to the local communities and regions to which they travel. Tours are led by experts who live in the local area so you benefit from their extensive local knowledge and staff travel is minimized. Call us for further information or to learn more about the specific activity tours click on the links go to:

Painting Holidays

Photography Holidays

Hiking Holidays

Singing Holidays

You can book your holiday direct with the  Authentic Adventures company, or call /e mail The English Experience Travels Ltd for further information at our US office on 1 215 699 6863 or e mail us at: inquiry@english-experience.com.

John continues to develop new holidays and personally visits all the hotels.  As their brochure states “You’ll be surprised where we get to…”

The English Experience Travels Ltd is delighted to be actively promoting the holidays offered by Authentic Adventures. We believe that their tours offer a perfect match for our clients who would like to experience an activity holiday that combines a cultural experience with the opportunity for learning or furthering their artistic skills.

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